Protecting Guys of Any Size ...

Guys tell us they've been "brown bagging" it, stuffing a hat, packing a wash cloth, skiing with one pole ... or just wearing way too many base layers on cold days. There's a better way to stay warm … and feel and look good doing it. PolarJock™ is the Sub-Zero Hero.

Move Free. Go Fast. Stay Warm.

Featured in  Cross Country Skier

Featured in Cross Country Skier

Do what you love no matter how cold it gets, without adding unnecessary layers and bulk where you don't need it. Don't get caught in the middle of a race, training session, or outing with friends and realize you underestimated the cold. PolarJock™ is constructed for the athlete on the move. Keep this fleece-lined, wind-resistant jockstrap with your cold weather gear so you’re ready when the temperature drops.

Photo Credit . Kelly Randolph

Photo Credit . Kelly Randolph